Simply cosmetic treatment specifically geared towards improving the health and beauty of the hands and fingernails. Involves shaping the nails with a nail file, cuticle treatment, application of polish and possibly a hand massage.

IBX manicure

It is an intense nail strengthener ideal for targeting imperfections and weaknesses in client’s natural nails.

Japanesse manicure

A Japanese manicure is a unique eastern procedure which allows the most weakened and damaged nails to be restored completely. After several sessions of the Japanese manicure, nails become firm, elastic, and smooth, and they acquire a healthy pink shade and a natural shine.

gel manicure/ hybrid manicure

The hybrid manicure is the best solution if you treasure the natural beauty and durability as it is performed on the natural nail plate without the necessity to file it. As they do not crack, chip or delaminate.
This is the method by which we obtain high durability, intense shine and strength lasting 3 weeks.


beauty treatment for the feet and toenails. A standard pedicure starts with a long foot soak. Once the feet are softened by the water, a pedicurist then proceeds to scrub any calloused areas of the foot.Then files and shapes the toenails before applying polish.