Best Lincolnshire Beauty Salon
We are the winner of 2021 Englands Business Award.
We are committed to providing the best customer service.
Highest work standards
We promote safe and ethical beauty treatment practices.
Open 6 days a week
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My name is Joanna Tatarata,

and I am the founder of Beauty Secrets Clinic.

I always had a passion for working not only with people, but also for people, which led me to obtain a degree in Cosmetology. My desire to help make each person feel more attractive and confident in their own skin inspired me to open my little beauty studio.

The beginnings were rocky, but I knew my enthusiasm and hard work would pay off eventually.

And now here I am – running the clinic of my dreams, working with amazing people, and helping my wonderful clients feel better about themselves.

In 2021, my clinic received the England Business Award for the Best Lincolnshire Beauty salon.

My experience as a cosmetologist and aesthetic medicine expert allows me to take an individual approach with each client. I am constantly learning and introducing new solutions to our treatment offer.

I love to share my knowledge on social media and live broadcasts.

Your satisfaction is my goal.

Come and meet me!

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Your satisfaction is our goal.

If you have any questions or want to meet for an initial consultation, we are happy to help!