I am a client of Beauty Secrets Clinic. I recommend the salon 100% and the very nice Mrs Joanne, whom I thank for her care during the treatments. Best wishes 😉

Beata Stopa

I would not waste my time going anywhere else for treatments. The facial alone made me look younger, brighter and smoother than I have done since I was 15 years old. Joanna not only has the best technique, but she is the kindest, most caring and very importantly the most knowledgeable professional I have ever spoken to about my skin.

I had acne for 11 years, and after many doctors visits, medications, and declined social events, I had pretty much given up hope of ever completely treating it. I was not expecting a facial to fix my chronic acne, but I also did not expect Joanna to care so deeply about treating the cause of my problem. She did not try to sell me treatments or products, in fact she actually suspected a potential cause of my acne and insisted I spoke with my doctor about it. I did as Joanna advised, and she was correct. The remedy was a single pill, and months later I have not had a single acne breakout. Aside from looking the best I have done for a very long time, I am so much happier, confident and my quality of life is significantly better.

So if you want treatments from someone who has great expertise, is trustworthy and gives you amazing results, make an appointment with Joanna.

Melissa Oster

I absolutely love Beauty Secrets Clinic in Lincoln 🌹

Joanna is very professional and lovely down to earth. She did an amazing results on my skin, with help of advanced skincare products and high technology equipment.

Has that vision and knowledge how to deliver best results for clients! Joanna’s skills and experience and are impressing !

She is the best in the business and I'm so happy that I found her. I will absolutely recommend her and trust her for future treatments.

Angelika Jonski

Highly recommend Joanna and her business. She is very attentive to your needs and always provides good treatments. I have found her very knowledgeable and she always tailors treatments to your skin. A great place!

Sarah Edmondson

My skin has been very well taken care of, I attend the appointments regularly. Joanna is a professional you can trust, much recommend. She assesses your specific skin needs and tailors the treatment accordingly❤️

Ola Redzepi

Lovely Lady with lots of experience. I highly recommend to everyone. The best 👌

Daniela Colta

I want to share my experience with Beauty Secrets clinic. Joanna she is fantastic as a human being and as a practitioner.

I went to her clinic has I was experience hair loss due to stress, I tried many clinic in Lincoln and other city but no one solve my problems and I only ended up loose money and time.

Until I meet Joanna, she took good care of my case, she gave me advices and with PRP mix to other treatments she helped me get back in shape with my scalp. Today I still going to the clinic for other beauty treatments as she is the best in town and it is always nice to visit her and have a lovely chat cat her studio.

I highly recommend Joanna and Beauty Secrets Clinic.

Giorgia Cipollone

I am a regular customer in this beauty salon. So far I had several face treatments and IV drips and I am very pleased with the results. Joanna is very knowledgeable and friendly beauty therapist. I highly recommend this fantastic beauty salon!

Dragana Radicic

I have been visiting Joanna at her Salon for many years and have never been disappointed with any of my treatments.

Joanna is so welcoming and professional in everything she does, her knowledge regarding skin is amazing & I would highly recommend her treatments to anyone, I certainly would not go anywhere else and I am so pleased I found her 🙂 A true talented professional lady.

Yvonne Walker

I have visited Beauty Secrets Clinic from few years. I have had a variety of treatments on my face done and purchased products from there to suit my skin type.

I can highly recommend this clinic. Joanna is a professional and welcoming Offering wide variety of treatments and products at her clinic to suit each individual skin type.

Agnieszka Zapolna

Can't recommend more highly. Joanna really tailors treatment to your skin and actually recommended cheaper treatment than I had initially booked after consultation. She explains the reason behind every treatment and is the most highly qualified practitioner I've come across. Her own skin is an an excellent example of her trade. Also she's really lovely and puts you at ease.

Hazel Donnelly

Is amazing atmosphere, lovely staff I will recommend this place everyone, I’m so happy to use my self this clinic. Is really professional doing there everything.

Galyna Pavlik

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