Ejal 40 Face Lift

Slow down the skin ageing process using the power of bio-stimulants!

Suffering from a loss of definition in the face oval, sagging cheeks, deep wrinkles, and fine lines? Over time, our face loses its natural, youthful contour. The skin becomes thinner and lax, slowly starting to sag. Ejal 40 is an innovative bio-stimulant that will immediately revitalise your skin!

This is one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments among clients over the age of 40 as it is a less painful alternative to classic needle mesotherapy. This treatment can be also performed as anti-aging prevention for people over the age of 30.

How does it work?

Ejal 40 is composed of 40mg/2ml of hyaluronic acid and vitamins that are responsible for muscle-building. The HA fragments activate the fibroblasts in the skin, stimulating the production of components in the dermal matrix. It will boost the production of collagen or elastin, effectively tightening the skin.

The entire procedure is practically painless and requires only 8 needle injections into 4 Bio Revitalization Points on each side of the face. It usually takes about 10 minutes.

We recommend it for…


  • reconstruction of the lost face oval
  • prevents skin damage caused by the sun
  • restores the lost contour of the face
  • lifts sagging cheeks
  • rejuvenates the face, neck, and décolletage
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • firms sagging skin
  • intensely biorevitalises the skin
  • practically painless injection

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