PDO threads face

Professional, intensely rejuvenating treatment that gives a natural effect!

Discover the antidote for skin laxity and wrinkles! The PDO threads gradually dissolve within a few months post-treatment, thus stimulating the synthesis of collagen, fibroblasts, and angiogenesis. As a result, the skin becomes more supple and radiant, wrinkles and folds disappear, and the face oval is restored, leaving the skin looking visibly younger.

Unlike Botox, PDO threads do not paralyze the muscles, but merely weaken their activity. As a result, the post-treatment effect is noticeable but still looks very natural.

How does it work?

Thread implementation is performed using a very thin cannula. The application of a local anaesthetic makes the PDO threading painless. You may experience a delicate pricking sensation. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on the treated area.

We recommend it for…


  • noticeable tightening and lifting effect
  • supple, radiant skin
  • wrinkles, folds, and facial lines disappear
  • the face oval is restored
  • sagging tissues are strengthened
  • stimulates cellular renewal and collagen production
  • improves the overall skin tone and texture
  • no need for special preparation ahead of the procedure
  • instant results
  • no cuts or scars
  • the threads are completely dissolvable (invisible)

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