Scar Therapy

A scar reduction treatment using the dry needling method!

Do you want to feel confident in your own skin? Reduce unwanted scars (including post-surgical scars) with this procedure! Our Scar Therapy is very effective and extremely precise – it reaches the base of the scar and does not interfere with the surrounding skin.

Scar needling generates a rapid decrease in pain and improvement of mobility in scarred tissues. It also has positive effects on the wound healing process. Our Scar Therapy effectively eliminates different types of scars, including stretch marks.

How does it work?

The Scar Therapy procedure consists of making precise micro-punctures using a thin needle. Tiny and fully controlled skin damage causes the desired inflammation and activates intensive regenerative processes in the dermis. This will relax and soften the tissue as much as possible, reducing the appearance of the scar and rebuilding the skin around it.

The final result of the entire series of treatments can be assessed after about 6 months. We recommend a minimum of 4 visits.

We recommend it for…


  • so-called “scar relaxation”
  • lightens discolouration
  • increases blood circulation
  • improves the tone and texture of the skin
  • effectively reduces even large, deep, and/or old scars
  • overall improvement of skin health

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