Beauty Secrets Facials

Is your skin dull, dry, or oily? Do you have mature skin with visible wrinkles? Want to get rid of acne, facial lines, or clogged pores? Who doesn’t want to feel confident in their skin? Sometimes an at-home skin care routine may not be enough – your skin condition is influenced not only by your daily care but also by hormones and age. It’s time for you to take care of yourself with our safe, professional facial beauty treatments!

You deserve to indulge in self-care, and we’ll help get you there: one radiant skin cell at a time. We offer solutions for acne treatment, diminishing wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, firming uneven skin tone, and even reducing the so-called double chin!

Every initial visit is preceded by an in-depth interview with our specialist. We want to make sure that the selected treatment will meet your demands, and be suitable for your skin’s needs and condition. We perform beauty treatments both as a once-off and as a series of treatments. The effects are often noticeable immediately after the first visit! Book an appointment and talk to our experts!

Our treatments:


Struggling with unsightly spots, scars, or wrinkles? Discover the power of the micro-needling treatment with Dermapen.

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